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Success Stories

Alexis Rogers

I am currently a senior at Hodgson Vo-Tech High School and have been dancing at Christina Cultural Arts Center since the age of three. CCAC has helped me build confidence and influenced my life in so many positive ways, exposing me to other creative arts areas like drama and music.

David Hamilton

As a teenager growing up in Wilmington, CCAC helped me unlock worlds and ideas I may have never discovered. I grew leaps and bounds through the power of discovery. I proudly attribute my ability to navigate and find success as a soldier in Iraq and as a manager/producer working alongside award-winning musicians to my experience at Christina Cultural Arts Center.

Kendra Oates

I am a proud alumna of Howard University, graduating with a B.A. in Accounting in May of 2009. I currently work as a Financial Management Senior Consultant for Grant Thornton. As a longtime student at CCAC, I learned invaluable lessons in confidence, leadership and determination.