As we gallantly ascend towards and begin to eagerly navigate yet another fall season, we do so having transitioned from a very different landscape. While the impact and remnants of the powerful yet conquerable COVID-19 - coupled with the depressed economy and an otherwise oppressed group of black and brown citizens still battling for racial justice and equality still squarely before us - our journeys are like none we've ever witnessed or traveled before.

While a lot has changed, some things have remained the same. Here at Christina Cultural Arts Center, we are still open for business and have bolted to an amazing start with a renewed confidence and a blessed assurance. While adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and making health and safety our main priority, our mission of changing the trajectory of children's lives through music and arts education hasn't wavered.

Our award-winning 5-Star Early Childhood Education Arts Academy has an amazing cast of new scholars. Arriving as early as 7:30 a.m., they meet and greet us every day with smiles that add warmth to the chilled air and 'good mornings' that give added sunshine to even gloomy skies. These students are well on their way to being able to read by the time they reach the Third Grade.

In our School of the Arts - where we deliver high-impact training in dance, music, drama and other art forms - enrollment has exceeded expectations in only two short weeks. Combining both virtual and in-center instruction, the taps, snaps, beats, rhythms, melodies, chords, voices, kicks and pirouettes are our heartbeats and our raison d'être. Our message is the same -enrolling students in arts and music education exponentially improves their chances of succeeding in school AND life.

Multiple research studies support that students who study the Arts perform better in math, reading and writing. Also, according to The Arts Education Partnership, a meta-analysis of 62 studies revealed that students who study music have increased achievement and proficiency in math. Further, reading and cognitive development were found to increase, as were verbal SAT scores. Arts and music education also assist with overcoming many social and emotional challenges caused by various social dynamics previously mentioned.

Our abridged and hybrid Heart Under the Hoodie program still works with teens to assist them in overcoming the vices they face in their communities, school and variety of social circles. We teach these students to shoot cameras, not guns; to beat on drums, not each other, in particular our women; and to act out on stages instead of in classrooms or communities.

Our Future Entrepreneurs in Creative Industries program is gearing up to place the next wave of high-performing employees in industries throughout New Castle County. These students are equipped with valuable skill sets and training that propel them to success before stepping onto their respective job sites.

Lastly, while partnering with schools throughout the city, the phenomenal artists in our Arts Institute eagerly await the opportunity to share their talents, and infuse art and music into the curricula serving our young urban scholars.

Embrace the new normal; embrace the season before us; embrace the educational opportunities; embrace the technical challenges; embrace the dreams; embrace the vision; EMBRACE the arts!

Embrace, embrace, embrace and anticipate being overcomers and being victorious.

Be safe and be well!
James "Ray" Rhodes, BArch, MBA, MAT, Executive Director

Fall 2020 Enrollment

CCAC Families & Friends: Mark your calendars: Fall registration will begin Monday, August 17! Classes will start Monday, September 14.



After a careful review, CCAC's Management and Board of Director's believes it safer and more beneficial for our community to be offered the opportunity to enroll in virtual and in-person instruction. Some classes, however, because of heightened safety measures, will be offered exclusively in a virtual format.

Drama, Vocal, and Saxophone, Brass & Woodwinds classes will ONLY be taught virtually.

Dance Classes - Fall 2020

  • African
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Modern
  • Jazz
  • Praise Dance
  • Teen/Adult Modern
  • Adult Jazz
  • Tap

Music Classes - Fall 2020

  • Piano
  • Voice - Virtual only
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone, Brass & Woodwinds - Virtual Only

Other Classes - Fall 2020

  • Early Childhood Movement
  • Karate
  • Drama - Virtual only

Early Childhood Education Arts Academy Now Enrolling For 2020-2021 School Year

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